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The ZOOM 505, like all of the 500 series pedals is 15cm square and has a large red LED display that informs the user of the patch currently being used. It also has a set of smaller LEDs which show which of the imbedded effects are in use. Like the 504 this unit provides 24 preset effects, any of which can be modified by the user.

This pedal is superb for the home user who wants wicked distortions and more subtle effects, all convieniently contained in one box. A 9v power supply is a must, unless you own shares in a battery factory!

You can mix'n'match the built in effects in various combinations. The unit offers compression, distortion, noise reduction, EQ and phase shifting, 5 types of modulation and delay/reverb. On top of all that there is a built in chromatic tuner which is very easy to use.

If you want to spend some more money you can get a expression pedal (although for what you get it is expensive). This enables you to use the manual WhaWha feature (the unit also has Auto-Wha). On the standard Patch (A4, High gain metal sound allowing 2 octave bend-down pitch shift) you can get some wild effects, bash a barred A chord, bring the pedal up and hear a speeding 1000cc motor cycle race off into the distance!

Overall the pedals patches as supplied are a good mix of dirty distortions and clean acoustic type sounds.

I love using it and would highly recommend it, especially when considering the price. note.gif (900 bytes)

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