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Canon Powershot 350 Digital Photographs
These pictures were taken with a Canon Powershot 350 Digital Camera. The image sizes of the originals are 640x480. The camera offers three photo 'qualities', although I find it very hard to tell the difference between them. The camera has one MAJOR flaw. It only has an LCD viewfinder and outdoors in anything other than dull light the viewfinder cannot be seen, other than that it gives consistent high quality photos, although it's a shame that the resolution isn't higher... (next year, no doubt)  
Canon Powershot 350

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 A Close-up of fruit on the tree
 Freshwater Bay - Isle of Wight   
 The Author  - at work! 
Pictures 11 or 23 or 47 Size 640x480
Lens 42mm Shutter 1/4 - 1/2000sec
Macro 30-70cm Min Focus 70mm 
F-Stop 2.8 Flash Integral
Storage 2mb Power Adapter + 3xAA Cell

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