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My favorite
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What follows are a few of my favorite chord progressions. No specific timings, just bash them out in whatever style you feel suites them. Experiment with runs and really doesn't matter, as long as you enjoy yourself.

Pattern1 Cmaj7     B7      B7+     Bbmaj7     A7      Abmaj7     G7     Cmaj7
Pattern2 E     Emaj7      A     E     Emaj7      A     B     A      G#m7     Amaj7     G#m7      F#maj7     A     Bsus4
Pattern3 A     Amaj7      D     F7 (quick transition) Em7      A
Pattern4 E     Emaj7      A     B     G#m      C#m     F#m     B      A
Pattern5 Cmaj7     Fm7      Cmaj7     Fm7     Em7      A7     Em7     A7

Sample of Chord Shapes Used  

chordsused.gif (61439 bytes)

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Page Created: 12th July 1998