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Have you ever wondered what your chances REALLY are of winning the UK National Lottery?

Well now you don't have to Wonder.


After seeing Carol Vorderman's section in the Sun newspaper (5th Feb. 97) where she describes Hot and Cold numbers (i.e. those likely to come up most/least often), I decided to write a program that would generate seven random numbers and test her findings. The result was NOTALOT which shows how lucky you would have been over an extended period using a given set of numbers. The result were surprising, to say the least!. 

I always understood the odds were slim but didn't realise how microscopically slim they were. On one run I waited 175,000 years before I even got FIVE numbers!!! 

Having written and run this program I have concluded that the National Lottery is nothing more than a form of indirect taxation. In future I think I can find better things to spend my money on........ 
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Notalot.exe(36k bytes)

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GOOD LUCK... and BE LUCKY.......

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modified 11th January 1998