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Rosemary Vineyard

Smallbrook Lane.  Ryde, Isle of Wight.  PO33 2UX         Tel: (01983) 811084         Fax: (01983) 812899

Training System

The training (Trellis) system we use in the Vineyard is a high trellis system called the Geneva Double Curtain (GDC). At nearly 6ft tall it is much higher than the traditional European Guyot Trellis system - the main reason being it does not do so much damage to our backs during picking and pruning plus the fruit is better exposed to sunlight and ventilation, resulting in larger and healthier crops.

Generally our vines are planted in rows 10 - 12ft apart and with 4 - 8ft between plants, this gives an average of 1600 plants to the acre, Our vines will not usually produce a normal first cropping until the end of their fifth season.

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